My work is about decrypting physical issues that prevent natural flow.

By shedding a little light over them, I help you regain high performance and well-being inside out.

In 2002, while I was a student at Stott Pilates in Toronto, I remember clearly seeing things, sometimes insignificant details in clients or students posture that affected their performance.

Today, after two decades teaching Pilates and guiding clients towards sports performance increase, I know of the importance of body alignment according to how the weight of gravity creates posture issues and affects results; but I’m also aware of the impact of posture on our emotions and well-being.

As a result, my focus is to help clients understand and manage their body in a way that allows them to see; how both body and emotions mirror one another, and as best friends, rather than strangers, can naturally help them move and live freer and happier.

If you have physical issues that impact your performance of movement and life, then I’d love to help you return to a state of well-being and balance.


My Passion to Serve Yours

During my teaching years, I created two working tools, both using issues and blocks as a guide to regain overall balance and performance. Dynamic Posture and Healing by Recognition assist those looking to improve their game in a holistic way.

“Anne has helped me gain clarity about my inner and outer stability. My karate mentor kept saying I needed more core strength, but I couldn’t find where my issue came from. Anne immediately spotted the source of my problem and gave me total understanding about it, alongside practical solutions”  

BASILE, Student and Karate Practitioner

"Secrets of Postures"

“Secrets of Postures” is the foundation of my work, inspired by years of guiding clients towards their highest potential.

Now, the basis to a Discovery and In-depth Workshop, it’s everything you need to know to move and thrive at the same time..


Free Movement

Are you ready to move and let your body, mind and soul come together into perfect harmony?

A free form of movement, that happens mindlessly, not only holds the power of liberating old blocks and traumas, but will also naturally level up your performance.

Our bodies are meant to move instinctively. because when they do, they help us heal and thrive at the same time.

And if you care for videos...

Whispers by Anne on Youtube. Your Channel for Empowerment with Secrets of Postures.

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