My work is about empowering movement in body and mind, through solutions that bring back natural flow.

Passion never dies

As a child, movement was a huge part of my life. Since the age of five, swimming, skiing were part of my education, but dancing was my passion. I didn’t turn it into a career, but movement managed to make its way back into my life, after years working as an administrative assistant.

Not much to say about those corporate years except this:

It was me and my love for health and movement within a context where stress and self-denial were daily bread. I hated those years, and in some ways lost sight of myself. I put on weight, worked daily under a ton of pressure, and often wondered about my future. 

I knew I wanted out, live a healthier life. Pilates found me and I fell in love with it.

From Pilates to Solutions Whisperer

I graduated from Stott Pilates in Toronto in 2003, after a year on site, learning, training and teaching. For almost two decades, I ran a Pilates Studio in my hometown Geneva, where teaching Pilates naturally evolved towards being a Body & Mind Solutions Whisperer

My clients’ issues, ranging from physical injury to old emotional traumas guided us towards the understanding that the body, always reflects exactly what’s going on in our lives. As a consequence, my work consists of helping you identify, understand and relate your physical blocks to a cause, thus helping you return to freedom and organic performance in body, mind and spirit.

Fear Is our Worst Enemy

I can never stress enough how fear hinders performance. It’s a tough enemy at first sight, because it’s often a well hidden one. But, the one thing I can tell you for sure, is that our fears often hide a trauma that’s waiting to be heard and released. 

Tapping into our courage to go a little deep, looking for a reason to stare in the eyes of, and make peace with something or someone, is always a huge pay off in terms of emotional liberation and increase in performance. 

As a Body & Mind Solutions Whisperer, I accompany you on the journey of taming your fears and doubts to transform them into renewed confidence and real assets.