From the Corporate World, to Pilates and Secrets of Postures

Passion never dies

No matter how many years I spent working in an office, my heart and soul always longed for the day I would return to my love of movement. 

Practicing many sports from early childhood all the way thru adulthood; I couldn’t help but suffer a great deal sitting at a desk all day, staring at a screen, feeling disconnected from my body, living off of stress. Yet, I knew my passion would find its way back into my life at some point, and it did.

From Pilates to "Secrets of Postures"

In September 2002, after leaving behind a well-paid job, friends and family, I spent a year at Stott Pilates in Toronto. Fully Certified twelve months later, I returned to Geneva to open a Studio. Twenty one years down the road, “Secrets of Postures” came to life. 

What is it about?

It’s everything you need to know about the impact of posture on your performance of movement and life. all summed up for you in either, a “Discovery”, or “In-Depth” workshop.