Passion never dies

As a child, movement was a huge part of my life. Since the age of five, swimming, skiing were part of my education, but dancing was my passion. I didn’t turn it into a career, but movement managed to make its way back into my life, after years working for multinational companies and banks.

Not much to say about those corporate years except this:

It was me and my love for health and movement within a context where stress and self-denial were daily bread. I hated those years and I hated myself even more. I put on weight, suffered regularly from sciatica inflammation, and often wondered about my future. 

I knew I wanted out, live a healthier life but how was I going to manage changing it?

Back to school at thirty-eight in the pursuit of my dreams

During the last years of my corporate journey, I began a Fitness Trainer Program during which I discovered the Pilates method. It was love at first sight. Never mind my age, job, living situation, location, I instinctively knew my future was written all over it. 

After many efforts and sacrifices, I was able to train from Stott Pilates in Toronto and earn a full Pilates Instructor Certification a year later. For almost two decades after my graduation, I ran a Pilates Studio in my hometown Geneva, where I went from teaching Pilates to becoming a Body & Mind Solutions Whisperer

These were amazing years, except for one rather big problem I was about to face: The consequence of having worked all this time from word to mouth, with exactly zero marketing visibility!

Now that I wanted to begin a more exposed journey, many new challenges were awaiting me.

The moment I decided to show up, is the moment I realised I didn’t have a clue how to.

I don’t think there was anything surprising about not knowing how to explain what I did with my clients because even I, for the longest time, didn’t know what I was doing! 

As the whispering aspect of my work, showing great results, was slowly taking over the standard Pilates teaching, it made me feel confused at times. No wonder showing up gave me the feeling of being an imposter and challenged my self-confidence. In the face of the world, all the amazing accomplishments my clients and I did together, the fascinating results that were delivered, seemed impossible to explain; and all of it because I couldn’t name what I was doing!

It took almost two years to gain perspective and a new kind of confidence in myself to talk about my work. Many limiting beliefs, low self-esteem issues and fears came up while beginning to show up, so many times I wanted to go back to hiding, but I didn’t.  

A reason that’s greater than myself and my fears

Fear hinders constructive changes. I know this to be true for myself. On the other hand, what makes people do scary things, step out of their comfort zones and go beyond their limits, is because of passion and purpose.

This certainly was my case journeying towards making my work visible. Doing what I do, building this website, being on social media doesn’t come easy. But I’m driven to do these things because deep inside my heart and soul, there’s a knowing that the work I do may be helpful to many. My fears and doubts have to be put aside. I’m on a mission.

Purpose and Beyond

Making clients understand and trust the language of their body in relationship to their mind and soul, no matter what issue or restriction they have, has been a priority for two decades. 

By way of decrypting any physical problem, my aim is to provide clarity and confidence. Both are crucial for taming the confusion and fear often accompanying disempowering situations involving the body. When this is done, with valuable perspective gained, one can move on more confidently in the pursuit of self-empowerment.

There is no greater joy for me, then the one to see a client thrive.