Be & Remain your Best Self
A 90-minute offline course (11 modules)
This course is a clarity, understanding and perspective booster about how and why present issues in your life, related to personal accomplishment, communication or relationships have a reason that sits in the past and what you can do to turn them into assets.
Understanding and finally making sense of that reason is key to explaining why you may have been stuck, unconfident or experiencing long-term frustration. 
This short course is designed to help you get inspired to transform and manage disempowering situations into lucid and healthy self-empowering ones, while remaining confident and autonomous about your choices and decisions.
Modules brief description
Who am I
Why this course
  1. Masks & Conditioned Behaviors
  2. Things into their context – The Role of Perspective
  3. The Breakthrough: Understanding & Recognition
  4. Wrong context: Confusion & Reactions
  5. Present Moment & Adapted Actions 
  6. Expectations versus Desires
  7. The Definition of Healthy Boundaries
  8. Healing by Recognition: The Magic of Self-love
  9. True Self-Empowerment & Reality
  10. A Return to Love & Forgiveness: The Way of the Heart
  11. Honoring You and Your life