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For years, I’ve encouraged Anne to write a book about her unique approach to body, mind and balance.  What she’s developed could revolutionise the reality of many people. Her simple approach helped me manage the challenges of my personal life as well as all the physical issues that came along with them.

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I've had a book in the books for about a decade, but things got in my way...

My doubts

My fears

My lack of self-confidence


My confusion about where to begin and lack of knowledge about how to structure a book

But there’s always a perfect timing and that, I shouldn’t have forgotten.

After an online writing workshop, many twists and turns, Your Body Never Lies is now on its way. I’m working on it. It’s growing slowly, just as slowly as long-lasting, and valuable transformations happen and it’s a good thing becauseYour Body Never Lies is about:

Organic changes that need time.

Helping you accept and read messages from your body that can help you face life issues, and deal with them with ease.

Providing you with the necessary understanding and tools to transform your issues into invaluable assets. 

Making you realise how both feeling good and performance need one another more than you can imagine. 

Showing you, how the path of least resistance, is the most productive one.


I simply can’t wait for you to benefit from my twenty years of passion for body, mind and balance.

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