“I have no idea what you did, but when I left your place, I almost felt like I was floating an inch off the ground”.

Nathalie, A Client

Healing Whispers
Your Energetic Reset
30 - 45min Session
CHF 125

The first time I heard about Energetic Healing, my feelings were a mixture of curiosity and suspicion.

The down-to-earth Virgo in me knew she was going to need a lot of proof!

That proof came during a deep dive training in 2014, when a student fellow working on me removed all my doubts.
From there on, I knew I would remain humble about the power of invisible energies that surround us.

The Basics about Energetic Healing

  1. Energy is invisible but it’s all around us. Tides are a good reminder of what that is. 
  2. Energetic Healing is using us as a transmitter of higher, purer energies.
  3. It’s a selfless act of pure love and divine manifestation, shared for our highest good. 

It's Also About

Facilitating your own integration of certain situations, moments in your life, just like medication would, but instead of swallowing a pill, your energetic field gets boosted.

Helping you smooth out the energies related to a stressful situation or one that makes you feel confused or uneasy. By helping you tune into your personal energetic frequency, you experience and integrate things more easily. This ends up shifting things because when you change, things change.

The Beauty About Energetic Healing is the Zero-Time or Space Factor

It can be done anytime, from anywhere for anyone, located anywhere.

Last, But Not Least

Energetic Healing active ingredient: LOVE

Energetic Healing worst enemy: EGO

I’m trained in Eric Pearl’s “Reconnective Healing Technique”, but over the years, I’ve allowed my natural healing power to come forth.

Here's What You Can Expect From An Energetic Session With Me


  • Zero interference with your life and choices
  • 100% privacy 
  • Lying down with no phone or activity between 30 minutes to an hour
  • An opened mind and heart to receive the best that you deserve
  • No other impact than feeling more aligned inside out and relaxed afterwards 
  • Constructive feedback from your session with personal recommendations
  • Gentle organic changes or some untangling of your situation within the next 48 hours

"Never allow your ego to diminish your ability to listen".
Gary Hopkins


Upon payment of your session, you will:
Receive a confirmation email from info@whispersbyanne.com 
Including a Zoom Link for your Healing Reset Session.
I look forward to accompanying you on your own journey of transformation and liberation.
With gratitude,