“Her voice is soothing, her personality calming but her life coaching skills are so powerful that I had a profound breakthrough in only one session with Anne. Her style of coaching makes you really dig deep into your emotions and brings out numerous insights along with the reasons that led us to where we are and who we have become. What I really valued in this one session is the holistic approach Anne uses: body and mind as well as the emphasis on love and self-love. Thank you, Anne, you truly changed my life for the better and I am blessed to know you”.

AAHD, Executive Coach and Talent Developer

The Breakthrough For Body or Mind
Your Pass For Moving On Empowered
A One-time 90min session
CHF 160

This one-time, one-to-one, 90-minute session is where it all begins in terms of figuring out what, why and how you experience difficulties in a particular area or more, of your life.

It will bring you total clarity, understanding and valuable perspective.

It’s your ultimate beginner’s kit, to move on more efficiently.

Why A Breakthrough Session

A breakthrough is a true game changer. It provides clarity and perspective about why things and you, have always been or needed to react a certain way. It’s like the light at the end of a tunnel.

What I Believe About Life Issues

I don’t think we’re even aware of how much we’re standing in our own way. We go through life the best we can and while some have figured out what thriving means before others, we may not be as talented or needing a little support and guidance. If only we had been given a life manual on how to navigate thru life! I designed this course with this idea in mind. Ideally, we should all be or become autonomous with our issues.

What's My Motivation For Doing What I Do

I decided to accompany clients with their own breakthrough because of what I’ve learned having a few of my own. We shouldn’t be going thru our entire life living with fears and limiting beliefs. It’s a huge waste of our own resources. A Breakthrough Session will show you how your past and present issues are related and how, by reconciliating them here and now, you can make the most out of them.


Upon payment of your session, you will:
Receive a confirmation email from  info@whispersbyanne.com 
Including a Zoom Link for your Breakthrough Session.
I look forward to accompanying you on your own journey of transformation and liberation.
With gratitude,