Dynamic Posture and the weight of gravity

Being in movement is directly influenced by the weight of gravity. All you need to be reminded of how it works, is to imagine a sailing boat.

When your body isn’t standing properly within gravity, you’re off balance. And when you are, your posture isn’t dynamic.

Dynamic posture is totally related to gravity. When you don’t oppose to it, you flow. Your range of motion is large and your efforts minimal.

If this description echoes with your life, it’s normal. The reality of gravity is experienced on many levels of our being. Physically, with the build up of tensions and restrictions. Emotionally, as our body carries our unresolved issues around. Spiritually even, as we can’t connect to our higher self when not standing dynamically.

Why I use movement to increase awareness and growth

In 2021, while on a couple of coaching programs, I was made aware of huge fears about being visible and relate them to past physical abuse. 

This awareness, that hindered my own thriving, was further released thanks to a physical breakthrough.

Spontaneous movement is also organic movement, therefore it's an invaluable healing tool.

The breakthrough came when a fellow student asked me to complete an assignment. Dancing to a chosen song and posting it on our Facebook working group. The word resistance doesn’t even convey the intense feeling of panic and shame I felt at that time, and it wasn’t until it was done, that I experienced a profound liberation. By stepping into the fear of being seen, and daring to express it spontaneously, I changed its impact on me.

Today, I use what I’ve named Free Movement, as an organic working tool to help clients go past their blocks and regain power.

What they get out of it is often life changing, just like it was for me.

A return to lightness of the body and mind. A deep joy and inner peace.

Free Movement brings many positive changes.

  • It frees your tensions, thus impacts your posture.
  • It makes you aware of the traumas held by your body and how they affect you and your performance of life.
  • It provides you with a sense of deep relief and freedom in body and mind.
  • It teaches you to be less judgemental about yourself. 
  • It helps you befriend the gravity of life.

I have no idea how the magic of organic movement operates, but it’s undeniable that it brings constructive changes. A native of Martinique recently told me how, in their culture, dance is used to get rid of thoughts or behaviours no longer wanted. What a beautiful and healthy way to celebrate life and naturally self-empower.

I’m intimately convinced Free Movement captures whispers from our soul, helping us return to our truest essence. The only place where we can Be and Remain our Best Self.


The coaching sessions with Anne are precise and go straight to the point. Anne uses several tools for her life coaching, including hypnosis and physical work. As far as I am concerned, I had to prepare myself for a singing concert and had to face long-term fear about forgetting the lyrics. The sessions with Anne led to a complete success. For the first time, I was able to sing freely, in harmony with my body and my voice. It’s an achievement for me. Thank you, Anne!

ISABELLE, Voice Therapist & Singer