Movements, especially high performing ones, aren't just mechanical and technical. They need to feel good and make you smile inside out.

Movement In Sports Practice

What I’m about to tell you might shock you.

Most people working out are doing themselves more harm than good! Why? Because of the following:

  • Obsession with results
  • Speed
  • Lack of anatomical knowledge
  • Can’t be bothered with awareness

The fast action sports are especially endangered by these factors, but high performers know the following:

  • Successful movements are both technical and mindless. 

They’re based on knowledge as much as instinct, and require a full presence in the “Here & Now”.

Movement & The Weight Of Gravity

Being in movement is directly influenced by the weight of gravity. All you need to be reminded of how it works, is to visualise a sailing boat.

When your body isn’t standing properly within gravity, you’re off balance, which means your posture isn’t dynamic.

Dynamic posture is totally related to the weight of gravity. When you don’t oppose to it, you flow. Your range of motion is large and your efforts minimal.

The reality of gravity is also experienced on other levels of our being: 

  • Emotionally, as our body carries our unresolved issues around.
  • Soulfully, as we can’t connect to our higher selves; when we’re not standing within our center (of gravity).

Mindful Movement Increases Awareness And Growth

The body holds all the traumas we experience in our lives, from minor to major. Therefore, it’s super important to pay attention to it, learn to listen to it, understand its messages, trust them, and act upon them. 

Moving through any locked up issue in full awareness not only helps debug it, but also brings opportunities of raising your level of performance, while in full acceptance and respect of where you’re at. 

Free Movement Is A Healing And High Performing Tool

Why is Free Movement incredibly powerful?

Because it’s mindless! 

Being mindless helps clients go past big blocks that hinder their best performance. The results are each time stunning.

Free Movement or mindless movement is a simple thriving tool, that will not only increase your physical performance, but also naturally better your mindset and boost your confidence.

I have no idea how the magic of organic movement operates, but it’s undeniable that it brings constructive changes such as:

  • Freeing tensions and blocks, thus improving posture.
  • Deep relief and freedom in body, mind and soul.
  • Taking away the fear of doing something wrong. 
  • Helping befriend the gravity of life.

I’m intimately convinced Free Movement captures whispers from our soul, helping us return to our truest essence. The only place where we can be and remain our best self. 

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The coaching sessions with Anne are precise and go straight to the point. Anne uses several tools for her coaching, including hypnosis and physical work. As far as I’m concerned, I had to prepare myself for a singing concert and had to face long-term fear about forgetting the lyrics. The sessions with Anne led to a complete success. For the first time, I was able to sing without fear, in harmony with my body and my voice. It’s an achievement for me. Thank you, Anne!

ISABELLE, Voice Therapist & Singer