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I began working out with Anne about 10 years ago because of some issues and frustration with my golf practice. I can say that her work has helped me not only improve my game but brought awareness about the importance of the body and mind relationship, always needing to be fully aligned in the present moment “

Christina, Retiree & Golf Player

Discovery Workshop
One and a half hour

This introductory workshop uses the participants’ postures as guidelines to explain issues with posture, how to detect them, and what to do to fix them fundamentally.

Thru basic and easy-to-grasp anatomical explanations and carefully chosen exercices, you will be able to feel things and see immediate changes.

At the end of this short time spent together, you will be clearer about what can be done to fix posture issues, that affect your performance and well-being, whilst also diminishing your self-confidence.

This workshop is a good introduction if you intend on following the “In-depth” one.

In-depth Workshop
Three hours

The “In-depth” workshop is the extended version of the “Discovery” workshop. 

Thru many exercices and demonstrations, you will be able to identify each time more clearly how posture affects performance, but also how your emotions and life issues impact the way you handle the weight of gravity. 

You will learn to become more aware of what prevents you from achieving good results and how to change that.

Last but not least, you will develop a certain amount of autonomy thru knowledge and understanding about the magic of a body in motion when in full harmony with its mind and emotions.

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I worked with Anne one-on-one, and I highly recommend her if you need a life coach. Anne helped me have a breakthrough as she did a “WHY” exercise which allowed me to connect with my childhood and the source or root cause of a particular belief I had that was holding me back. Anne was patient and very supportive through this process and brought great insight into my exploration of this issue. I am only where I am along my journey because of the insights I gained from working with her.

Sunita, Lawyer and Life Coach

Your Pass for Thriving
One-time-90min Session

The Breakthrough is an indispensable step, also included in the Be & Remain your Best Self programs. It helps you gain clarity and total understanding about your designated issue and how to switch it to a more self-empowering one.

You have a specific issue in your body or mind that you’ve been trying to figure out or have been stuck with for a while or too long?

What you’ll get:

A free evaluation of your situation and needs

Total clarity and understanding about your problem

Direct solutions for re-patterning

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Thank you, Anne, for yesterday’s session. I slept like a baby and feel much less stressed and anxious today.

Paola, Family Business Owner

An Energetic Reset
30 to 45 min Session

This work is designed to provide you with a reset of clean and positive energy, thus helping you better deal with challenging life situations involving your health, your work or your personal life.

What you’ll get:

Renewed energy

Inner peace if you were feeling out of sorts before the session

Shifts in your situation

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After working out with Anne for about six years, I fell very ill for months. When I resumed classes, I can say she not only helped me recover physically but also mentally. Her deep knowledge of living anatomy and the relationship between body and mind, made me aware of my potential to self-heal. Today after more than fifteen years working with her, she still guides me towards my better self. I’m constantly learning and growing as her approach to body mind balance keeps evolving and I along with it.

Lygia, Customer Service Clients Support
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Anne is an incredible woman, besides a Body & Mind Performance specialist.
The day she heard I had broken my foot, she reached out to me to offer support.
With her incredible technique, expertise, and wisdom as a Body & Mind Whisperer, she helped me see the deep hidden unconscious reasons for that injury.
These insights helped me in turn to be more aware of my own Self-Love and Care.
I highly recommend Anne’s work, not only because of her vast knowledge in the healing field, but also because of her incredible kindness and deep care for the healing of humanity.

Sabina, Transformational Coach, Leading from the Heart

A Weekend Booster (8 hours)
Small Group & Intimacy for this Program (6 max)

A grand tour of identifying, understanding, and transforming whichever obsolete patterns or recurrent issues of your life, into lasting assets.

What you’ll get:

Two full days of theory and case studies about the principle of transforming your issues into assets.

Breakthrough practice, procedure and guidelines.

Practical tools & plenty of exercises for mind and body support.

A 60-minute individual feedback session to maintain your direction and goals.