Passion never dies

I always knew movement was my passion and a huge part of my life. Dancing since the age of 5, swimming, skiing but I never guessed it would turn into my living, especially after spending almost two decades working for large multinational companies and banks. 

Not much to say about my corporate years except this. It was me and my love for health and movement within a context where stress and self-denial were daily bread. I hated those years and I hated myself even more. I put on weight, suffered regularly from sciatica inflammation, and often wondered about my future. I knew I wanted out, to live a healthier life but how.

Back to school at 38 in the pursuit of my dreams

After negotiating with my boss, a 70% working contract and a new assistant to assist me (for real!), I began a Fitness Trainer Program during which I discovered the Pilates method. It was love at first sight. I instinctively knew it had my future written all over it. 

After some trials and tribulations, I was able to train for a year in Toronto and become a fully Certified Pilates Instructor.

For almost two decades I ran a Pilates Studio in my hometown, Geneva, and went from teaching Pilates to becoming a Body & Mind Whisperer. A body and mind whisperer as I like to describe it, is someone who helps you bring your body and mind into full alignment after the decrypting and understanding of issues or blocks. The outcome is pressure release, performance increase and regain of harmony in body, mind, and spirit.

These were amazing years, except for one thing: I had just spent almost two decades in hiding mode with exactly zero marketing visibility.

The moment I decided to show up to share my work, is the moment I realised I didn’t have a clue how to.

I don’t think there was anything surprising about not knowing how to explain my whispering work because even I, for the longest time, didn’t have a clue what I was doing. No wonder showing up made me feel like an imposter and challenged my self-confidence. Suddenly, in the face of the world, all the good and amazing work my clients and I did together, the fascinating results we saw seemed unworthy and impossible to explain. 

It took over a year of twists and turns to gain perspective and a new kind of confidence in myself to share my work. There were so many limiting beliefs, low self-esteem issues and fears to face. So many moments when I wanted to go back to hiding, but I didn’t.  

A reason that’s greater than myself and my fears

Honestly, I think that what makes people do scary things is simply because of PASSION and PURPOSE.

This certainly was my case. I did what I did and bit all that dust because of you and me. I was driven to go beyond myself because deep inside my heart and soul, I had this knowing that the work I do may be helpful to many.

My philosophy tells me that if you’re here, reading this, that’s because you’re on your way to changing for the better and while doing so, I may be the one guiding you for a short while on the road of how to “Be and Remain your Best Self”. All there is to creating the changes you desire and making them last is about acknowledging and embracing where you’re at. I’ll help you with the rest.