Your body knows better and never lies.
It's highly valuable to learn to trust its wisdom.

From Life Struggles to Physical Struggles

About ten years into my Pilates teaching practice, I realised my clients needed to be heard. They needed perspective and clarity about life situations that were challenging them, and since we were working out together, we noticed everything they were experiencing in their life, was directly reflecting within their body, thus affecting their physical performance.

I decided to incorporate this reality into my search for solutions, and to this day, it never failed to help clients recover their highest potential.

The Power of Love

Training in Psycho-kinesiology has taught me how every suffering human, in order to heal, needs to be “heard, recognised and loved” at some point.

This approach proved fundamental in helping clients resolve physical issues, and is often all that’s needed to have a body go from being stuck and hurting to free flowing again.

Whispers Need to be Trusted

Whispers are messages provided by a body that’s usually misaligned and in pain, thus unable to deliver satisfactory results.

My job is to show you how, by paying attention and trusting your physical ailments, you can:

1. Reach a better understanding about the roots of an issue, and how to use it to change.

2. Put an end to your struggles and reach high performance.