When your body gives you unpleasant or frustrating messages, it doesn't lie. It's whispering things that require your attention. My job is to help you become aware of it, learn what to do with it, in order to truly perform and thrive.

Whispers To Help You Listen

About ten years into my Pilates teaching practice, I realised my clients needed to be heard. They needed perspective and clarity about life situations that were challenging them, and since we were working out together, we noticed everything they were experiencing in their life, was directly reflecting within their body, thus affecting their performance.

Everyone knows what it’s like to feel off one day and better the next, and how that can change the quality of our presence. I decided to use the reality of what is, in my search for solutions.

Listening Before Fixing

My training in Psycho-kinesiology has taught me the importance of being “heard, loved and recognised”, in the process of understanding and healing from our traumas. 

This is a fundamental approach I use, to read and resolve my clients’ issues. It’s also something I encourage them to pursue doing on their own to continue self-empowering. 

Being heard when we need comfort is a natural thing, and it’s often all we need to fix our issue. Our bodies need the same treatment. When my clients fail to hear the messages from their body, I help them listen up, and create something constructive out of it.

Whispers are 100% Instinctive, Yet Very Precise

Whispers are silent messages I’m reading from your body. They couldn’t be more down-to-earth. They come from you, and their final destination is you.

Our work together will show you how to use them to transform any fear or confusion into clarity and visible results.

All you need is to trust, that no matter what, your entire being holds the answers for your thriving.