When your body gives you unpleasant or frustrating messages, it doesn't lie.

It’s simply trying to whisper things to you that need to be heard.

My job is to help you become aware of it and learn how to listen up.

Because only then, can you truly perform and thrive.

Whispers are pointing out a need to be heard about something

About ten years into my Pilates teaching practice, I realized my clients needed to be heard. They needed perspective and clarity about life situations that were challenging them and since we were working out together, we noticed everything they were experiencing in their life, was directly reflecting within their body, affecting their performance.

Everyone knows what it’s like to feel off one day and better the next, and how that can change the quality of our presence. I decided to use it in my search for solutions.

Living the moment and simply Feeling Good

Every finding, every trick I came up with was bringing us closer to where we’re at now. A place where the best results in performance come from: 

Feeling Good, Making Less Effort, Here and Now.

This was major beyond the obvious, because it confirmed the undeniable relationship between the body and the mind and how intimately connected they are, but mostly how gentleness, recognition and full presence are needed to help you deliver your best self or your best performance.

Intrigued by what was happening and driven by wanting to learn more about our findings, I trained in Psycho-Kinesiology, a psycho-somatic approach to body, mind balance, as well as Energetic Healing, both allowing me to assist clients deeper into their journey of self-healing and empowerment.

The power of Recognition

The biggest teaching about Psycho-kinesiology is about the importance of “being seen, loved and recognised” since birth. Applying this principle to the body, means allowing you to feel and become aware of your body in the present moment, listen to it and fully honour what’s there.

Often this awareness shows a lot of stress related trauma, but by acknowledging it, it helps the body to relax. Recognition allows you to let go. By releasing tension, your performance increases. I’ve named this technique Healing by Recognition. The act of reconciling physical issues with their emotional source. It works wonders.

My work is 100% instinctive, yet very down-to-earth with a twist of eclecticism

With a variety of tools from my own life experiences and teaching, each client goes from a place of frustration or disempowerment to self-empowerment. 

Depending on your program, we could use movement, psycho-kinesiology or energetic healing. There’s a lot of flexibility in the application of the tools I use, therefore online work is also totally efficient.


The only thing that matters the most is not how we’re going to get you to a place of empowerment in body and mind, but more so if you’d allow me to accompany you there.